I believe that satire can hold a mirror up to absurdities in our lives. (But if you’re easily offended, you may want to find a different webpage.)


Christian Classified Ads

Welcome to the classified advertising section at Writing by George, where we put the “caveat” in caveat emptor!


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bible Study

The members of Jeremy and Cindy’s Bible Study were exactly the kind of neighbors you’d want next door … until the Wednesday night when everything changed.


Build-Your-Own Jesus

It keeps growing till it costs you everything.


Holy Spirit Announces Fines for Misuse of His Name

Some people can’t tell the difference between eating chalupas and feeling the Spirit’s prompting.


The Harry Seminar

It’s time to separate the Harry Potter of faith from the Harry Potter of history. (Hey, it worked for the Jesus Seminar.)


Nebraskans File Lawsuits Against Lord of Universe

Sheriff Homer Jackson despairs of ever serving the subpoenas: “I’m not sure [God’s] gonna pay the judgments,” he admits.


Wash Your Sins Away!

Be the first in your parish to make your conscience smell lemony-fresh. Buy a low-cost plenary indulgence today!


A Fundamentalist Doctrine of Women

Thesis: All women are evil.