Short Stories

I dabble in different genres when I write. Fiction is one of my favorites—so naturally, it’s also among the worst-paying.


The Dance

Heather had danced her entire life; she was bound for a career in ballet. But then in a moment of crushed metal and shattered glass, her dream was taken away.


The Chimney

Take it away, God. Please … please, mercy … God, take some of it, the thirst … KILL ME! I’M BEGGING–


No Good Deed

Danny’s got a secret. His brother Aaron is covering for him, but his sister Jessica might tell everything. And that’s just the beginning.


Everett Bradley

No one expects to get old. Or useless.


Josh’s Time

What if Jesus came to earth as a baby … in 2010?


The Resurrection According to Tom

Tom’s childhood nightmares had a new face for the condemned man now: the face of the Master.


Cheap Grace

A prophet, a prostitute, and Amazing Grace.