Teaching Stories

These narratives are parables of a sort. They’re designed to communicate Christian ideals in story form.


The Star Chamber

Once upon a time at the furthest reaches of the earth, an aged king ruled a tiny dominion of some few thousand souls.


God Told Me

What happens when you’re positive that God spoke to you about something … and then it doesn’t work out?


Three Simple Rules

“Turn to page 34 in your papyri,” Professor Ashpenaz said. “Today, we’re talking about my ‘Three Simple Rules for Success in Politics.'”


Love Story

The whole notion of “falling in love” is pretty weird. Maybe that was true even with the first romance–between Adam, Eve, and God.


I, Pharisee

Embracing the cross is a humbling encounter, a surrender of everything inside of us we thought was good.


Imprisoned Joy

Joy is a lot harder than happy. But it’s also a lot more worth having.