Bible-Based Features

My faith in Jesus is very important to me, so I often write articles that draw from Scripture.


The Monster Within

Think you don’t understand why people commit heinous crimes? Think again.


Mixed Motives

Struggling with mixed motives in your Christian life? Try serving the people around you.


When the Miracle Doesn’t Happen

When our prayers aren’t answered and the miracle doesn’t come in time, there’s something profoundly comforting about knowing we serve a God who weeps.


Miracles Happen

It’s amazing what Jesus can do with five loaves and two fishes–or five Cokes and two turkey sandwiches.


Drinking Blood

Even for Christians, the idea of Old Testament sacrifices can be hard to stomach.


From My Love

Maybe sometimes, you feel orphaned from loving relationships. But what if you really were an orphan?


Behind the Mask

Many of us crave intimacy at the same time we’re running from it–and who can blame us?


Names and Labels

We dare not dismiss people as anything less than immortals in the flesh.


Upside Down

Jesus’ teachings in the Beatitudes are good for a warm fuzzy–until you realize what they really mean. To read a list of twenty ideas for putting Jesus’ Beatitudes into practice, click here.


The 20-Minute Challenge

Just 20 minutes a day can transform your relationship with God. Will you take the challenge?


Basketball Jesus

Wondering how to honor God in your decisions–even when you’re facing dilemmas that aren’t covered in the Bible? Basketball Jesus can help.


Christmas in February

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. A very little Christmas–about the size of an ant.


Happily Ever After

Life should definitely be more like a fairy tale.


Feed Me!

Some people hurt the church … and others get hurt.