How-To Articles

Ever wondered how to start a freelance business, organize your life, or develop a church drama ministry? Find out here.


Stopping Drama Ministry Conflict Before It Starts

There are some misunderstandings that are inevitable in ministry. But a lot of disputes could be avoided with better communication.


Tips for Actors in Easter Plays

If you’re an actor in the Church, you’re probably rehearsing for a Passion Play or Easter Pageant this spring. Here are some tips to help you with your role.


Memorizing Lines (And Other Forms of Theatrical Torture)

Are you struggling to memorize lines for an onstage role? There are no magical shortcuts, but these ideas can remove some of the torture from the equation.


DOs and DON’Ts for Young Adults

How to attract and keep the toughest age group in the church.


Express Yourself!

How to start a drama ministry (that doesn’t stink).


The Slob Reforms

If your personal space is an organizational nightmare, here’s some advice for cleaning up your act.


Acting with a Capital ‘A’

4 ways to help your performers become more truthful onstage.


So You Wanna Be a Freelancer

At 8 a.m. on Monday morning, everybody wants to be me.


Emergent Drama

Does theatre have a place in church for the next generation?


Beginning a Drama Ministry in Your Church

Here are some practical tips for holding auditions as you build a drama team.