Journalistic Features

I’ve always been a very curious person: I think journalism is a fun way to explore new topics.


Three Denominations, One Congregation

Trinity Ecumenical Parish is a Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Episcopalian church — all at the same time. What joins its people together is a shared mission.


Dirty Little Secrets

The hidden reality of child sexual abuse.


Their Rookie Season

Apprenticing at Actors Theatre of Louisville means a lot more than studying your lines. It also means 60-hour work weeks, very little pay…and a better shot at a professional acting career.


Making Summer Last

Your teen may come back from church camp ready to make a difference for God–until the pressures of “real life” kick in. How can a parent help?


No Way Out

True stories of young adults suffering from depression–and the ways that their illness affects people they love.


A Serrated Edge: Looking for Satire in the Bible

An interview with pastor and author Douglas Wilson about his book A Serrated Edge, which highlights satire in the Scriptures.


Recession Proof

Hope is a scarce commodity for the 1 out of 10 of Americans who are unemployed in the midst of the Great Recession.


When Kids Get Caught

Most teens make decisions they eventually regret. But how should a parent respond when those choices turn dangerous?


Responding to Wars and Disasters

What can U.S. churches do in the wake of humanitarian crises? (An interview with Kevin J. Turner.)


Boomerang Kids

Your teenager is graduating soon, and you’re already making plans to renovate their bedroom into that office you’ve been wanting. You might need to wait just a little while longer.


A Place to Belong

Portrait of a foster child.


Death Becomes Us

Is there life after death? George interviewed a rabbi, an iman, a priest, and an atheist to get their perspectives.


The Future of Short-Term Missions

An interview with missions expert Paul Borthwick.


Heart and Mind

Sophie Warren has gone from a short-term missionary to a full-time college professor in Nigeria.


What is Homeless?

Alaina Watson used to be homeless. Now, she’s found a place of her own–and healing from her past.


The Church Hoppers

An Evangelical Christian and an agnostic decided to visit nine Louisville churches and publish reviews on each one. No, that isn’t the beginning of a joke–it’s how George Halitzka and Zach Nord became the Church Hoppers.