Personal Essays

Personal essays are an opportunity to write about things that are important to me. Unfortunately, they also unleash my personality on the world. (Sorry about that.)


Awesome Miracle

Remember, the Ruler of the Universe is the one who said you’re an awesome miracle. And as the old saying goes, he doesn’t make mistakes. Not even you.



I was only months away from graduating from Bible college, and I had a dirty little secret: I wasn’t sure that God existed anymore.


Un Americano en Mexico

Skeptics say that short-term mission trips are a waste of time–and perhaps sometimes, they’re right. But since we serve a sovereign God, short-termers can also do a world of good.


The Scribe’s Confession

Answers are easier to find inside literature than out in the bracing merciless air of life.


Hear the Weeping

When children turn violent, who should get the priority? The kid who’s abused at home and takes out his frustrations at school, or his innocent victim on the playground? The answer may be more elusive than you think.


Above the Flood

My old hometown was flooding, but God got me out just in time.


Virtual Reality

When life hurts, fantasy looks much more appealing than the real world.


Helicopter Seeds

Sometimes, ministering to others feels purposeless. Is it?


Kamikaze at My Back

“Did I say feeling nothing is the worst part of depression? Perhaps not. Right now, I would give a great deal to feel ‘nothing.'”


Jar of Miracles

It must be hard to stay humble when you’ve just done a good miracle.


On Playwriting

Herein, the writer muses about his fascination with the dramatic form.