Annual Newsletters

Ever since the year we got engaged, my wife Julie and I have put together an annual newsletter. Here they are for your reading pleasure.


2016 Newsletter

“George and Julie become ‘Elves on the Shelf’ to earn Christmas cash”


2015 Newsletter

“Halitzkas mangle history in quest for overdue Christmas newsletter”


2013 Newsletter

“Halitzkas try to become normal.”


2012 Newsletter

“How the Halitzkas stole Christmas: Grinchly couple restores faith and love to humankind; destroys American ecomomy.”


2011 Newsletter

“Couple’s disgusting ‘cuteness’ blamed for citywide pandemic.”


2010 Newsletter

“George and Julie create Christian ‘reality’ television network.”


2009 Newsletter

“Louisville couple arrested for Gross Cheapness during recession.”


2008 Newsletter

“George and Julie becoming boring old married couple, says survey.”


2007 Newsletter

“Julie goes over to the Dark Side; marries George.”


2006 Newsletter

“George and Julie get the hookup.”