Read or listen to some of my Bible-based messages here.


The Boundless Interview

Okay, this one isn’t a sermon: It’s a 15-minute interview with George about the value of stories in our Christian lives.


5000 Mouths to Feed

Do you believe Jesus is still in the miracles business–even in twenty-first century America? I do.


Overcoming Doubt

You wish that you could believe in God–but it seems impossible right now. How can you rebuild a broken faith?


Missing Person

When doubt plagues your soul, there’s nowhere left to turn–except the God you aren’t sure that you believe in.


The First Christmas

Maybe this year at Christmas, things don’t look merry and bright. Maybe the problems in your life just stand out more clearly around the holidays. If that’s the case, you should take a trip to the manger.


Upside Down

What does it mean that God blesses the poor, the merciful, and the mourners? Jesus’ first sermon (we call it the Beatitudes) may be enough to turn your life upside down.